Putting Airsoft Buyers Right on Target!


Airsoft, like many other sports and hobbies involves a lot of info. Generally, a new airsofter enters the sport with a basic understanding of the principles in play in the game and quickly finds the need to gain more info. We were there once and we've accumulated a small list of really good websites that we frequently recommend. Please note that we include in this list some of the retailers that we've had contact with. Some of these retailers do send us test guns for evaluation and so we cannot comment on the "buying experience" as we have a unique relationship with the retailer. Hence, we are not going to rate the retailers.

Airsoft Game Hosts: Visit these sites for information about airsoft events

Mind Game Productions

TC Airsoft

Wayne's World

Airsoft gun disassembly/maintenance sites: Visit these sites for information on disassembling your gun - This website is easily the be all, end all of airsoft video disassembly sites. It is the one I go to anytime I need to know how to take a gun apart and I credit these guys with providing me with the know how and confidence to successfully get through my first disassembly. Plus, they present the info with top notch style and the whole site looks really professional. I wholeheartedly recommend that every airsoft owner visit the site at some point, its just that good. - This website is a hybrid data hub for disassembly guides, reviews, tips etc. Basically, they compile reviews of certain models of guns from around the web into one centralized source and it really is a good place to look for good info. Although the flash on the site takes a little while to load, they have a really nice presentation with lots of good info. Plus, they do create their own original work, hence the "hybrid" part of this description.

www.SimplyAirsoftGuns.Com - This is a new website, but the content is quite good. The first article on their page discusses how to do some basic teardowns and upgrades. The guide includes some pictures and while there aren't a lot of them, the shots show the most important parts of the disassembly. Definitely worth a look if you're looking for upgrade and/or maintenance info.

Airsoft Players Groups: Visit these groups for information about players in your area and or local games

United Airsoft League

Florida Airsoft

Firezone Airsoft

Airsoft retailer sites: Visit these sites to get information on buying airsoft guns and equipment

Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Extreme



Long Island Airsoft


Airsoft Accessory Retailers: Visit these sites for accessories and peripherals for your airsoft load out

Battery Station

Cheap Battery Packs