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ASR Update 10-15-09

October is nearly halfway over and time is flying by at an insane least on my side of things. That said, I've got a few announcements;

As some of you know, my academics are taking up a lot of my time. HOWEVER, I do have SOME spare time and I will be using some of it to bring you some select reviews on airsoft products.

#1. The CidaAirsoft Grenade:  We just got this little puppy in and we've yet to test it, but initial impressions are generally positive.

#2. A REALLY cool, custom airsoft gun (Probably):  I can't yet divulge the details of this one just yet as I'm currently sworn to secrecy. However, from what I've heard about this model from the inventor it will promise to be one of the coolest airsoft guns that we've tested to date. I promise to give you guys the full details as soon as I am allowed to.

#3. I am always on the lookout for quality content, so, if you fancy yourself knowledgeable on all things airsoft and you want to try your hand at slamming out some blog posts, drop me a line as I could make you an (unpaid) guest blogger.

In the mean time, I will do my best to answer your questions on the blog so feel free to keep em coming!


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